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Beata Zatorska was born in Jelenia Góra in southwest Poland. She started her medical studies in Wrocław but graduated from the University of Sydney, and now works as a family doctor in Australia. Her fascination with medicine began on long mountain walks with her grandmother back in Poland – a professional chef who taught her the use of herbs and wildflowers in cooking and healing. Like many Poles who live away she has kept her country close to her. When she finally returned to Poland, the first thing she did was leap into a wild rose bush to smell the petals – the scent of her Polish childhood.

‘Buy two copies of this book: keep one on the book shelves as a travel guide for the food lover, and leave the other, soon to be butter-smeared, in the kitchen as a well-used cookbook and a reminder of the reasons you will want to visit Poland’. 
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Rose Petal Jam is at once evocative, enightening and compelling. A true magnum opus, with scope for more to come. Sequels would certainly be most welcome...’ 
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